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Mississippi Power Certified Dealers



Mississippi Power Certified Dealers are independent service contractors trained in proper equipment sizing and duct design, ensuring you receive the highest-quality work.

Contact a Mississippi Power Certified HVAC Dealer to install your new heat pump.


Company NameHVAC Services OfferedPhone
Adolph BourdinTune-up and replacement228-452-4432
Air MastersTune-up and replacement228-497-6462
Air-Care, Inc.Tune-up and replacement228-467-1448
Ball Heating & AirTune-up and replacement228-392-5432
Barnes Heating & AirTune-up and replacement228-832-9457
Beany's Air ConditioningTune-up and replacement228-467-2875
Central Appliance Co., IncTune-up and replacement228-762-0901
Climate Control, Inc.Tune-up and replacement228-831-3725
Eagle MechanicalTune-up and replacement228-896-2833
Foster's Heat & AirTune-up and replacement228-497-2285
Geiger Heating & Air ConditioningTune-up and replacement228-832-2465
Herman Cronier & Sons, IncTune-up and replacement228-475-7845
Mayo A/C & Heating, Inc.Tune-up and replacement228-467-5975
Perry's Refrigeration Co.Tune-up and replacement228-388-6140
Radich Heating & AirTune-up and replacement228-392-3773
Tillman's Heating & AirTune-up and replacement228-864-9351
Total Comfort, Inc.Tune-up and replacement228-467-1212
Woods Heating & Air Conditioning ServicesTune-up and replacement228-832-8945


Company NameHVAC Services OfferedPhone
Heblon Heating & AirTune-up and replacement601-483-8156
Henry's Heating & AirTune-up and replacement601-735-3681
John's Heating & AirTune-up and replacement601-735-3521
Sanders Air & HeatTune-up and replacement601-693-4054
The Service CompanyTune-up and replacement601-482-8529
Thomas RefrigerationTune-up and replacement601-482-8544
Wagner Sheet MetalTune-up and replacement601-482-1942


Company NameHVAC Services OfferedPhone
Kickin' A/CTune-up and replacement601-799-4822
Mike's Heating & A/C ServiceReplacements only601-798-1026


Company NameHVAC Services OfferedPhone
A-1 Heating & AirTune-up and replacement601-649-8559
American Air Specialist, Inc.Tune-up and replacement601-583-2575
Blackwell Heating & Air, Inc.Tune-up and replacement601-649-8163
Bowman Heating & AirTune-up and replacement601-582-2336
EsscoTune-up and replacement601-545-1880
H & H Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical ServicesTune-up and replacement601-788-6181
Jim Smith ServicesTune-up and replacement601-584-8400
Mac's Commercial RefrigerationTune-up and replacement601-649-4087
Mack's Heating & AirTune-up and replacement601-731-1910
Oak Grove Heating & AirReplacements only601-268-3486
S & S Heating & AirTune-up and replacement601-649-9302
Watts ElectricalTune-up and replacement601-736-7362
Whitfield Air Conditioning & HeatTune-up and replacement601-264-9969