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    Heating & Air Program Independent Service Contractors



    Our Heating & Air Program Independent Service Contractors are Mississippi Power Certified HVAC Dealers. They are specially-trained professionals, ensuring you receive the highest-quality work.

    Please contact one of the Independent Service Contractors below to set up an appointment for an HVAC tune-up or replacement.


    Company NameHVAC Services OfferedPhone
    Adolph BourdinTune-up and replacement228-452-4432
    Ball Heating & AirTune-up and replacement228-392-5432
    Lee Heating & CoolingTune-up and replacement850-512-8957
    Radich Heating & A/CTune-up and replacement228-392-3773


    Company NameHVAC Services OfferedPhone
    Sanders Air & HeatTune-up and replacement601-693-4054


    Company NameHVAC Services OfferedPhone
    Kickin' A/CTune-up and replacement601-799-4822
    Mike's A/CReplacements only601-798-1026


    Company NameHVAC Services OfferedPhone
    A-1 Heating & AirTune-up and replacement601-649-8559
    Jim Smith ServicesTune-up and replacement601-584-8400
    Oak Grove Heating & AirReplacements only601-268-3486

    Note: Independent service contractors are not affiliated with Mississippi Power.