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  • Katrina 2005-2015
  • Katrina 2005-2015
  • Programs and Services

    Here at Mississippi Power, we run several programs to help you increase energy efficiency in and around your home. It's our way of helping you save some money, while also helping to protect our precious environment.


    Water Heaters

    Learn the benefits of electric water heating.

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    Heat Pumps

    Learn about the most advanced and efficient way to heat your home.

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    Learn about our hassle-free home improvement loans and the energy efficiency improvements that we finance.

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    Lighting Your Home

    Brighten home efficiently and create a more secure environment in your yard.

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    Renewables for Your Home

    Learn about solar, wind and geothermal energy and more.

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    Electric Vehicles

    Discover the financial and environmental benefits of electric cars.

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    Other Resources for Renewable Energy

    Links to additional national and local information.

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