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    Energy Solutions for Large Commercial or Industrial Business


    NOTE: The Large Commercial & Industrial Business Program is fully subscribed at this time.

    According to the U.S. Department of Energy, Commercial buildings account for 36 percent of all U.S. electricity consumption and cost more than $190 billion in energy every year.

    Saving energy through our Energy Solutions programs can have several benefits for large commercial and industrial customers.

    • Significantly reduced energy costs and carbon footprint
    • Increased economic benefits through job creation and market development
    • Technical assistance and support to guide you through job creation and market development
    • Financial incentives for completed projects to help offset your cost
    • No cost energy efficiency products to help you see instant savings (low-flow faucet aerators, pre-rinse spray valves and shower heads where applicable)

    The following cash incentives are provided for eligible measures in renovation, new construction, and maintenance projects resulting in reduced energy:

    Commercial Business Incentive Table
    Measure CategoryCash Incentive
    Lighting and lighting controls* $0.07/kWh
    HVAC - chiller $0.12/kWh
    HVAC - DX and HVAC controls $0.12/kWh
    Building envelope $0.12/kWh
    Food service $0.12/kWh
    Custom $0.06/kWh

    *Includes both interior and exterior applications

    The no cost program provides technical assistance, public recognition, and financial incentives for projects that improve energy efficiency of commercial facilities and result in energy reduction. Incentives are capped at $50,000 per customer.

    Get Started

    Find an Independent Service Contractor to help with your Energy Solutions.


    Or call 1-800-760-4952

    To contact an Energy Solutions representative.

    Let's look at a couple of hypothetical projects.

    Car Dealership Lighting

    Car dealerships depend on exterior lighting to showcase the cars they sell. An Independent Service Contractors explained the difference in efficiency between metal halide fixtures and LED fixtures to a car dealer. With incentives available from Mississippi Power, the dealer is able to move forward with the exterior lighting retrofit.

    • Annual kWh reduction 285,696 kWh
    • Total fixtures replaced 90
    • Estimated annual savings $28,569
    • Total project incentive - $19,998
    • Payback period - 1.4 years

    Parking Garage Lighting

    Energy efficiency can result in long term savings over a short period of time. A building manager wanted to consider retrofitting his multi-story parking garage with better lighting to increase safety for customers. After talking to a Mississippi Power Independent Service Contractor and receiving a no charge evaluation, the manager decided to proceed with the retrofit.

    • Annual kWh reduction - 376,976 kWh
    • Total fixtures replaced - 321
    • Estimated annual savings - $37,967
    • Total project incentive - $26,388
    • Payback period - less than 1 year

    There is no cost to find out if you have hidden savings.

    To get started on saving money, call toll free at 800-760-4952 to speak with an Energy Solutions representative or contact one of our Energy Solutions Independent Service Contractors.