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  • Katrina 2005-2015
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    Heating & Air Program Independent Service Contractors


    Company NameSpecialtyPhone
    Adolph Bourdin Heating and A/CHVAC228-452-4432
    Ball Heating & Air ConditioningHVAC228-392-5432
    Barnes Heating & AirHVAC228-832-9457
    Beany's AC & HeatingHVAC228-467-2875
    Climate Control AC Heating & Refrigeration HVAC228-831-3725
    Foster's Heating & AirHVAC228-497-2285
    Herman Cronier & SonsHVAC228-475-7845
    Radich Heating AC & RefrigerationHVAC228-392-3773


    Company NameSpecialtyPhone
    Bowman Heating & AirHVAC601-582-2336
    Kickin' ACHVAC601-799-4822


    Company NameSpecialtyPhone
    Sander's Air & HeatHVAC601-934-1417

    Note: Independent service contractors are not affiliated with Mississippi Power.