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  • Katrina 2005-2015
  • Katrina 2005-2015
  • Our Customers

    Customers by division
      Number of
    of Total
    Coast Division 95,619 50.98%
    Pine Belt Division 58,958 31.43%
    Meridian Division 33,004 17.59%
    Total 187,581 100.00%
    Residential 153,172
    Commercial 33,783
    Industrial 451
    Other 175
    Total 187,581
    Income - where it comes from
    Residential Customers 19.26%
    Commercial customers 20.70%
    Industrial customers 23.41%
    Wholesale customers 34.59%
    Other 2.04%
    Total 100%

    How our electric rates are set

    Mississippi Power's rates are set annually by the Public Service Commission using a performance-based review procedure called PEP-5.

    The Performance Evaluation Plan ties the price Mississippi Power charges retail customers to how well the company maintains low rates for customers and to performance, based on three factors that have the most impact and reliability.

    PEP-5 provides for annual evaluations of Mississippi Power's performance-based return on investment. Any rate change is limited to 4 percent of retail revenues per evaluation period before a public hearing is required. PEP-5 will remain in effect until the PSC modifies or terminates the plan.

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