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Quick Facts

General Information

  • Plant: 582-megawatt electric power plant
  • Technology: TRIG™ Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC)
  • Location: Kemper County, Miss., about 20 miles north of Meridian, Miss.
  • Fuel: Mississippi lignite, approximately 4.7 million tons used per year; 4 billion mineable tons available in Mississippi alone
  • Carbon dioxide capture: At least 65 percent
  • In service: 2017
  • Initial certificate: Approved by the Mississippi Public Service Commission on June 3, 2010
  • Owner and operator: Southern Company subsidiary Mississippi Power
  • Local partners: More than 570 Mississippi companies, with contracts worth more than approximately $2 billion
  • Cooling water: city of Meridian treated effluent
  • Construction jobs: Nearly 12,000 direct and indirect; at peak 6,000 workers on-site
  • Permanent jobs: A total of approximately 1,300 direct and indirect
  • Academic scholarships: 20 awarded to students attending two- and four-year programs
  • Tax revenue: Projected state and local tax impact from start of construction in 2010 to full operation expected in 2016 is approximately $230 million. Once operational, more than $40 million annually will be generated in ongoing local and state taxes.
  • Lignite dome: Holds up to 100,000 tons


  • Gasifier weight: 550 tons
  • New transmission lines: 70 miles
  • Reservoir: 500 million gallons


  • Amount of lignite to be mined: approximately 185 million tons over 40 years
  • Dragline: 9 million pounds

Costs Through May 2017 (in billions)

$5.95 B

Cost of plant subject to cost cap (power plant portion of the project)
Mississippi Power agreed to a cap of $2.88 billion on the amount customers would pay for the power plant portion of the project.

+ $1.57 B

Uncapped cost (Mine, CO2 pipeline, etc.)
As a part of the certificate approving the project, some uncapped costs are eligible for recovery. These costs include the lignite mine, CO2 pipeline, as well as other costs such as interest, independent monitors, improvements to design, etc.

= $7.5 B

Total project cost
The Kemper project's total cost to date is estimated to be approximately $7.5 billion.

- $3.07 B

Costs that will not be paid by customers
Amount of costs above the $2.88 billion cost cap. Southern Company is paying these costs and customers will not pay these costs.

- $.137 B

Additional DOE CCPI2 funding

= $4.3 B

Total cost eligible for recovery from customers
The total amount eligible for recovery from customers is approximately $4.3 billion, (net of DOE CCPI2 grants) which is made up of capped and uncapped costs.